Aluminum Duct Tape

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“It did exactly as it was intended to do, with no leaks and material is sticky side on one side and aluminum on the other. It's perfect for ductwork.”
Ethan Johnson

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How Does This Bond Ducts Permanently?

Versatile: A multi-purpose adhesive tool that can be used on a variety of surfaces, including dryer vents and water heaters. A strong, long-lasting epoxy resin adhesive lines the duct foil tape and can bond to areas like metal, plastic, ceramic, and concrete. 

Durable: Humidity, UV oxidation, contaminants, as well as extreme cold and heat are all resistant to industrial-grade aluminum. Epoxy resin adhesive is used to close holes in ducting to keep moisture and emissions out.

Specifications of Aluminum Duct Tape

Flexible: The foil is made of malleable material with a smooth chrome finish that adheres to most surfaces, including irregular joints and corners. The paper backing makes the duct tape easy to peel and apply.

Chrome Finish of Aluminum Duct Tape

🧾Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the length of this aluminum duct tape?
A: The length is 50 yards

Q: What is the primary used for this product?
A: This is for patching, sealing, and holding attachments together.
Primary Use of Aluminum Duct Tape

Q: What is this product's temperature range?
A:  Temperature Range: -20°F - 300°F (-30°C - 150°C)
Temperature Range for Aluminum Duct Tape
Product Dimensions and Item Weight of Aluminum Duct TapePackage Inclusion 1 roll of Aluminum Duct Tape

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