All-in-One Pressure Washer Detergent & Degreaser

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Grease, dirt, mud or mildew, this all-in-one detergent & degreaser beats them all!

Can’t find a cleaner that’s safe for metal, wood, brick AND plastic? Looking for an environmentally friendly cleaning solution? Want something that’s a bang for your buck?

Then you should check out this All-in-One Pressure Washer Detergent & Degreaser!

Why buy our All-in-One Pressure Washer Detergent & Degreaser?

Puts the ALL in all-in-one: You don’t need to use it with a pressure washer, you can scrub down with a brush or wipe up with a mop!

Multi-surface: It’s safe to use for wood, metal, brick, plastic, vinyl, glass and MORE! One cleaner gets the job done!

Concentrated: With its concentrated formula, a little goes a long way! Saving you costs in the long run!

Biodegradable: Go for a cleaner that keeps you clean AND green! Being biodegradable makes it safe to dispose for the environment, helping not just you but the planet too!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use this on windows too?

A: Yes! As this is an all-in-one detergent & degreaser you can use this on windows too!

How To Use:

✏️Note: Use with pressure washers equipped with detergent injection systems, mop or stiff bristle brush.

  1. Dilute into water with the following specifications:

    • For light dirt - Mix 1/2 gallon of All-in-One Detergent & Degreaser with 5 gallons of tap water.

    • For heavy dirt - Mix 1 gallon of All-in-One Detergent & Degreaser with 5 gallons of tap water.

  2. Consult your pressure washer model's manual for specific instructions regarding use of detergent & degreaser and how to apply it.

  3. If not being used with a pressure washer, spray over the desired cleaning area and mop/brush until cleaned.

    Safety Data


    • Product Dimensions:4 x 6.5 x 11.4 inches
    • Item Weight: 8 pounds

    Package Inclusions:

    • 1 x All-in-One Pressure Washer Detergent & Degreaser

    Make your cleaning more effective, cost efficient and environmentally friendly with this All-in-One detergent & degreaser! From homeowners, car owners, street cleaners to pool cleaners, this cleaner covers all the bases for them, which is why many have used it and never turned back!

    Try it out NOW and see for yourself what clean really means!

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