Air Pressure Plunger

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Clear Up Your Pipes With This Plunger!

"Amazing product, I needed it for my toilet but once I had a clog on my sink, it worked perfectly for it too. This is actually better than using unknown chemicals that damaged our pipes before. Definitely recommend, saves you money on replacing your pipes.” - John B.

Why Buy Our Air Pressure Plunger?

✅EASY TO USE: This plunger makes unclogging your pipes easier and more efficient. This plunger uses a shock of kinetic force to unclog your pipes without damaging them. It is a chemical-less solution to your clogging problems.

To use it, The first step is to use the right attachment for the job, then use the handle to build up pressure up to 0.4~0.7 on the barometer, take note of the barometer and make sure it doesn’t exceed the red line. Then, if there is an object in the way you can use a hose to attach it to the nozzle, then once you’re ready place the nozzle into the pipe opening and pull the deflation trigger.

✅MULTIFUNCTION: This can be used in different types of pipe clogs. Whether it is a toilet clog, sink, bathtub, shower, etc. You just need to use a different nozzle attachment for the job!


  • To avoid damaging your pipes, only apply 0.4~0.7Mpa on the barometer, don’t go to the red zone of the barometer.
  • Check and tighten screws before use, otherwise, it might cause air leakage and affect the performance of the product.

    📋Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: What is the PSI?

    A: The maximum pressure of our toilet plunger is 0.8Mpa/116psi

    Q: What pressure should I unclog my toilet?

    A: Around 0.4~0.7mpa depending on the severity of the blockage.


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