Air Pods Leather Case

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Color: Beige
Charging: Wired
Style: Customized
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Your Air Pods are the most convenient earphones that ever existed. They are wireless and very much handy. 

But your Air Pods are not perfect. Because they are such a small piece of equipment it is easy to get them lost. 

That would not be the case if you only have a case for them. A place where you can keep them and at the same time protect them. 

Let's say an Air Pod Leather Case. This one looks and feels classy so you can carry it with ease and pride anywhere. 

Why Air Pod Leather Case is good for you...


  • 100% HAND MADE - It was cut and sewn by hand, so you can be assured of its authenticity.
  • MADE OF VEGETABLE LEATHER - It is made using cotton and a type of rubber found in special trees. It's called “vegetable” because of the natural materials used in the tanning process like tree bark.
  • IT COMES IN BOX PACKAGING - This is perfect as a gift too with its box casing. Also, you can feel the quality just from the box itself.
  • PERFECT FIT FOR YOUR AIR PODS - The case is just a thin piece of leather so it will not be bulky. You can securely place it in your pockets. 
  • DURABLE CASE - Though it may be thin, the stitches and the leather itself is durable and can withstand dirt and tearing. 
  • HAS A METAL CLASP - A metal clasps for you to attach on your bags or belt. 


  • WE OFFER CUSTOMIZATION - INITIAL PRINT. Initials are engraved on the bottom of the back logo.

    Embossed Gothic Font 12pt
    Up to 10 characters only
    The same character can be repeated up to 3 characters
    i.e. aaaa (X) AaAaAa (✓)


  • CONVENIENT - Because it is small you can carry it anywhere without the help of a purse or bag. 
  • STYLISH - We have chosen and developed the most stylish cover to partner with your modern and stylish Air Pods. 
  • SAFE AND SECURE - Your Air Pods are protected by the tight lock and it is very much safe from being lost.
  • CLIP IT ON YOUR BELT BAGS OR PURSE - Because it has a built-in ring wherein you can use to attach to your belt, bags, or purse you can carry it however way you want to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Questions: What are the colors available for this? 
Answer: You can choose from Beige, Olmo, Navy, Mosto, and Pink. 

Questions: Is it applicable to earphones with wires?
No, because it can only accommodate those without wires. 

Question: How big is this exactly? 
Answer: This is approximately 2x2 inches big. 

Package Includes:
*1 Air Pod Case

Get a case for your Air Pods so you won't lose them again! 

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