Air Filter Regulator & Lubricator

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3-In-1 Combo Tool For Your Air Tools!

“This tool is an excellent regulator that I've had the chance to use; it's accurate, maintains pressure, and so far, hasn't had any issues with leaks. I am pleased with this regulator. I have two airlines, one for tools and another for paint and sprays. It keeps my tool line clean from debris, and the value controls the outgoing pressure. Great product!” - Clara L.

Why Buy Our Air Filter Regulator & Lubricator?

VERSATILE: This FRL tool combines a filter, regulator, and lubricator into one component to keep air compressor systems in optimal working condition. The filter removes most liquid and solid particles from the air supply. At the same time, the self-relieving pressure regulator with a max pressure of 150 PSI is used to adjust the outlet pressure, and the lubricator provides oil to the air tool and prolongs its usage.

CONVENIENT:  It is equipped with a semi-auto drain that automatically drains accumulated liquids when there is no pressure and will close during airflow. It also uses a 5-micron brass filter element, which has longer service life and better filtering effect than ordinary fiber filter elements, and a built-in oil adjustment knob that will increase or slow oil absorption speed. Suitable for most air tools, cylinders, valves, air motors, and other air-driven equipment.


  • Preparation: 
    • The assembly of all calibration shall meet the maximum flow requirement.
    • Please clean the port and fitting before installation; it will effectively avoid bringing dust to the air path.
    • Pay attention to the direction of airflow and arrow pointing on product body if correct, minding port and thread size if match.
    • Add oil using the refueling screw by rotating it clockwise. The added oil should not exceed 80% of the bowl. After refueling, please tighten the refueling screw.  
  • Pressure Adjustment:
    • Make sure the pressure gauge is tightly installed on the main body and pay attention to whether the reading rises and falls smoothly while adjusting pressure.
    • Pull up the knob of the pressure gauge to rotate it clockwise to increase pressure or rotate it counterclockwise to decrease the pressure (Stop turning after reaching the required pressure and lock down the knob, if you forget this step, you may face a leakage problem).

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the correct oil for this device? Next which bowl is for oil, and which is for water?

A: This tool uses turbine oil, and when you are facing the gauge, the left bowl is for water, and the right bowl is for oil.

Q: Will it damage the unit if I don’t use the oil bowl?

A: No, it won't damage the unit. But if you use air tools or anything like that, you need to use oil.

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