Air Dryer Spin-On Cartridge Replacement

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Easily Replace Your Air Dryer Cartridge On Your Own!

I have a 2021 Newmar Essex. The air dryer has to be replaced once a year. The dealership wanted over $300 to replace it, but I ordered this instead, and it took me two minutes to replace it at a fraction of the price. It saved me a lot of money!” - Rico L.

Why Buy Our Air Dryer Spin-On Cartridge Replacement?

EFFICIENT: This air dryer is an excellent replacement for your old or broken air dryer. It quickly and efficiently collects and removes air system contaminants in solid, liquid, or vapor form before they enter the braking system, providing clean and dry air to the brake system's components, which increases its life and reduces maintenance costs.

COMPATIBILITY: It perfectly replaces the Meritor Wabco 1200 and Bendix AD-SP/AD-IS style air dryer, ensuring your brake system is in optimum working condition. It also works on other spin-on dryer applications that are commonly used on trucks, RVs, or buses. 

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does the replace the Wabco 1200?

A: Yes

Q: Does this item come with an O-ring?

A: Yes


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