18pcs Air Coupler and Plug Kit

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All-In-One Set Hose Fittings!

“These connectors work very well for my application. I had Harbor Freight connectors that constantly leaked air, especially at the connection to my nail gun. The swivel works well and doesn’t leak at all. Also, the one-hand push to connect makes life easier. It's an overall better working experience.” - Lance A.

Why Buy Our 18pcs Air Coupler and Plug Kit?

RELIABLE: This kit has everything you need to connect air tools and control airflow with compressed air. It includes a brass ball valve, tee pipe fitting, air coupler, and plugs with all the most commonly used air compressor accessories in one set. It's 1/4'' NPT universal couplers (male and female) can fit Industrial (I/M), ARO (A), and Automotive and are ideal for general-purpose applications.

CONVENIENT: The unique design of the ¼” basic swivel quick plugs prevents hose kinks and increases mobility which is excellent for air tools. It is made of high-quality zinc-plated hardened steel and has a maximum pressure of 300 PSI for long-lasting use. It also comes with a ball valve with a plastic-covered lever handle for manual control that gives you full airflow to total shut-off.

EFFICIENT: Its included tee fitting is T-shaped with three openings to connect and branch three pipes, two on the main run and one at a 90-degree angle from the middle of the tee. It has (2) 1/4” female and (1) 1/4” male for connecting, terminating, controlling flow, and changing the direction of piping in many different industries.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are the plugs in this set V-style plugs?

A: No.

Q: Do these couplers push to connect?

A: Yes


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