Adjustable Foot Rest

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Lessen Your Body Aches With One of These! 👌

“This is the most comfortable ergonomic foot rest that I have used. It’s super comfortable and it is adjustable. I highly recommend this product!” - Sarah Baker 

How Comfortable is this Adjustable Foot Rest? 🙌

✅Ergonomic Design: Providing you optimal support for your feet and knees as well as to correct your sitting posture and allow blood circulation. It is made of high quality foam for your maximum comfort while doing your work.

✅Adjustable Height: This foot pillow provides you 2 optional heights depending on your preference. With this, you can concentrate and be more productive without that aching feeling on your back or legs. 

✅Breathable Mesh Cover: Skin-friendly enough to put your bare feet on it. It is made into a wedge shape design for the comfort of your feet and is large enough to accommodate them.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to prevent the extended piece from slipping?

A: There are magic tapes attached to both pieces for security.

Q: Does it have a non-slip bottom?

A: Yes, the entire bottom is non-slip. 

Q: How to use?

A: This Adjustable Footrest is ready to use upon purchase, depending on your preferred height, you can detach or attach the extendable piece. 


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