Adjustable Dog Harness

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Why do you need the Adjustable Dog Harness?

You must have slept last night eager of the promise of the morning ‘cause after all, what’s not to love about morning walks, a stroll in the park or an early jog with that one furball who makes your life so full?

Everything could have gone out as planned had your furball not run away or gone berserk because of uncomfortable and unreliable leashes. Familiar?

But you don’t have to endure the constant stress any longer when you walk your dogs because there’s the Adjustable Dog Harness to help you out! It provides a breathable and comfortable fit for your dogs to ensure that they’ll be secured and protected while enjoying the views outside.

Why buy our Adjustable Dog Harness?

Our Adjustable Dog Harness gives your fur babies comfortable mobility. It hugs their body in high quality, padded but breathable material, unlike plain leashes that tugs on their neck and causes small to medium injuries and major uncomfortability.

Our dog harness is adjustable, which means you can adjust the strap and buckle to fit your dog’s size. It can fit small fur babies to bigger ones like training dogs. So next time you’re going out for your morning routine or for an afternoon’s walk or for any other reasons like a treat for your fur buddy, make sure you have the

Adjustable Dog Harness to support them for their maximum comfort and security. It comes in four exciting colors and designs for you to choose from!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

  • What are the available sizes of the harness?
  • Available sizes are:


  • What are the available colors?
  • Our Adjustable Dog Harness comes in four color varieties: black, red, leopard and camouflage. Please refer to our color guide for visual reference.

  • Can this fit both my small Daschund and big Labrador dogs?
  • Technically, if the size of your small dog is near to that of the big dog breed, you can adjust the harness to fit both but if there’s a big size difference, we have an available variety of sizes for you to choose from.

  • Is this machine washable?
  • Yes but to make sure straps and buckles won’t get damaged, hand wash is recommended.

  • Does it prevent my dog from pulling?
  • Not really. Your dogs will push and pull no matter what when they get excited or see other furballs. This will actually support their bodies when they do that. A leash that’s only around their neck will cause them abrasions and injuries but this harness distributes the force when they tug and pull in their neck and body to balance and keep they secured and comfortable.

    Package Includes:
    (1) Dog Harness without leash

    If we can never imagine how hard and frustrating it is to walk on a leash, then think about how our furballs are suffering. Their security, safety, and comfort all lie in our hands.

    They make our lives worth living, let’s make their lives easier too. Use the Adjustable Harness!

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