AC Refrigerant Charge Hose

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Refill Your AC!

"It worked exactly as it was supposed to charge my car a/c in a few minutes and it did. No leaks & easy to use too.” - Joshua Poole

Why Buy Our AC Refrigerant Charge Hose?

✅FILL: Make it possible to refill your air conditioner refrigerant in your vehicle or home with our AC Refrigerant Charge Hose! It has a gauge that tells you just how much pressure you’re using and you can avoid any potential damage. It works with R134A, R12, and R22 making it incredibly versatile!

✅DESIGN: It has a color-coded gauge that tells you just how much pressure you can safely use when refilling your AC, we don’t recommend going beyond purple. It has a quick coupler design which makes it incredibly easy to use and overall it’s a high-quality hose and barely leaks.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What refrigerant is useable for this hose?

A: It is for R134A, R12 and R22 refrigerants.

Q: Does it fit my car?

A: The hose for R134A is universal, so if your car has that refrigerant then yes.


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