6-Prong Wire Terminal Tool

Style: Basic


Safely Remove Wires From Terminals!

"This wire terminal removal tool is built for the apocalypse. It has a good design to it and I made a quick retractable belt clip so I'll have it when I need it. I've used it a dozen or so times and still haven't bent any of the extraction probes. I am happy with its performance and it came at a great price.- Levi Stanton

Why Buy Our Wire Terminal Tool?

✅REMOVAL: The 6-Prong Wire Terminal Tool makes it incredibly easy to remove the wire connected to terminals whether it be a conventional, pack-con, or weather terminal. It removes the wires without damaging both the wire and terminal and makes them ready to use and re-use by the user.

✅VARIOUS: This comes in either a single tool or in a kit with 3 tools for different purposes. The single terminal tool by itself is for conventional terminals while the kit comes with the original single tool and a blue and red one for ford and pack-con terminals.

❗ Reminder ❗

  • Comes in a single tool kit (basic) or set (3 pcs)

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work for GM vehicles?

A: Yes, a lot of the prongs are designed to work with terminals of GM vehicles.

Q: What terminals does it work for?

A: Works for conventional, pack-con, and weather terminals.