6.6ft. DIY Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

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Creativity and Convenience in One!

Tired of traditional doors inside your house? Want to step up your interior decoration? This 6.6ft. DIY Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit combines creativity and convenience! 

Why do you need a 6.6ft. DIY Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit?

Some areas around a house technically function as one such as the kitchen and dining area, bedroom and dressing rooms, and entertainment section and a living room. This is why they are mostly left open for easy access. 

However, if you don’t want the smell of your kitchen to go to your dining area or you don’t want your closet to be visible from your bedroom, you may opt to add a division within spaces. This is where DIY sliding barn doors are mostly used for.

Compared to traditional doors, sliding barn doors would not affect the easy access within areas of your house. With just one slide, you can move from one room to another.

If you live in a small house or in an apartment, it is also good for space-saving as it doesn't need that much space allowance when used compared to hinged doors.

Aside from this, they are more aesthetically pleasing compared to traditional doors. And who wouldn’t want a functional decoration in the house?

Talk about fun and function in one!

Why buy our 6.6ft. DIY Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit?

DIY Kit: If you already have spare wood to be used, you can maximize your creativity by getting the hardware kit complete with a rail, spacers, rollers, door stops, and other hardware parts! The kit can fit door sizes of 3 inches x 84 inches, the thickness of 1 3/8 inches and 1 3/4 inches, and supports up to 220lbs of wood.

Complete Set: If you'd like to skip the woodworking, you can choose from a variety of complete sets with a spruce wood door and a hardware kit. They come in colors of Brown, Grey, and versatile Natural for a blank canvas that can be painted any way you like! 

Universal Fit: The complete set comes in a standard 36 inches x 84 inches door frame with a 6.6ft sliding track length. bedroom, dressing room, locker room, kitchen, cellar, and other areas of the house!

Ready for Assembly: The barn door is pre-drilled and ready for installation. All wood panels are mitered for a snug fit. You only need a hammer and a screwdriver and you’re good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need professional help in assembly?

A: No, but basic hardware skills are needed.

Q: What kinds of wood can I use with the DIY Kit?

A: You can use spruce wood, wood pine, natural wood, and other wood as long as it goes with the 220lbs weight limit, 1 3/8 inches and 1 3/4 inches thickness, and the 36 inches x 84 inches door frame.

Q: Can the Natural door be stained?

A: Yes. The spruce wood material works with both staining and painting.

How To Assemble and Package Inclusions:

For the inclusions and assembly of the complete set, click here.

For the inclusions and assembly of the hardware kit only, click here.

For those who want a Sliding Barn Door with No Hassle: It is recommended to get the Complete Set to make installing your Barn door quick and easy!

For those who want more Aesthetic Choice: It is recommended to get the Installation Kit only to have more freedom to pick and choose which sliding door best fits your home!


❗ Reminders: 

  1. Measure your door frame first.

  2. Observe maximum capacity and suggested dimensions of doors of the installation kit.

  3. Use the suggested hardware tools.

  4. Avoid the wooden door to be exposed to water for a long time to avoid shrinking.


Complete Set:

  • Color: Natural, Grey, Brown

  • Item Weight: 67.9 pounds

  • Package Dimensions: 85.5 x 10 x 5 inches

  • Size: 36 inches For 6.6ft. Door Frame

  • Pattern: 36 x 84 inches Door Kit [K Shape] 

Installation Kit Only:

  • Item Weight: 20.1 pounds

  • Package Dimensions: 81.5 x 6 x 3 inches

  • Size: For 6.6ft. Door Frame

Aesthetically add divisions within areas of your house with this 6.6ft. DIY Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit! People are piling up for sets like this, so grab yours now!

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