5th Wheel Tow Hitch Adapter

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The Hassle-Free Way Of Towing Your 5th Wheel!

“I ordered the hitch, and had it installed within 15 minutes, and two days later, I went to pick up my 5th wheel. Normal speeds of 70 to 75 MPH were a dream and smoother than any other RV hitch I have ever owned, not to mention no groaning and clanking coming from the hitch. This hitch is truly a great product!” - Mike A.

Why Buy Our 5th Wheel Tow Hitch Adapter?

RELIABLE: This hitch adapter can easily connect your 5th wheel to the bed of your truck and tow it anywhere. It fits with all standard brands of gooseneck hitches and weighs only 35 lbs, eliminating the hassle of mounting your 5th wheel into the bed of your truck.

ADJUSTABLE: Its custom ball has three adjustable heights, 6-3/4" lower position, 17-7/8" middle position, and 19-1/8" upper position (from the bed of the truck to the top of the ball mount) for a convenient towing. It can also tow up to 24,000 lbs GTWR and 4,500 lbs tongue weight, giving you a strong and secure connection. 

DURABLE: The hitch adapter is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a powder-coated finish, making it durable and long-lasting. It rides inside a greaseless coupler, which means no more dirty hands and mess. It also includes a kingpin coupler block with a remote cable for an effortless unhooking of your 5th wheel without getting into the bed of your truck. 


  • The funnel on the kingpin coupler block provides a 3” offset, eliminating the hassle of perfectly lining up the hitch ball with the kingpin.
  • Because the coupler rides on a ball, it can swivel in every direction than all other 5th-wheel hitches available and has a base height of 13”. It also gives you the ability to couple or uncouples your trailer on uneven terrain.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this include the coupler that attaches to the kingpin?

A: Yes, it does.

Q: How is this installed?

A: First, you need to have a gooseneck ball mounted under your truck bed. The hitch is going to be mounted on the gooseneck ball.

Q: Will this work with a 3” ball that’s in the bed of my truck?

A: The hitch hooks only on a 2-5/16” gooseneck ball.


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