5-Way Air Solenoid Valve

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Control The Airflow Of Your Pneumatic Systems With No Hassle!

I used this to control an air ram for a can crusher that I made. Nice smooth operation and has no leaks. I took off the plate opposite from the button and found it was already bored for a spring. I was able to drop it in the spring, so it works as a momentary switch now. I don't need to pull the valve back out to get it to retract the ram.” - Peter A.

Why Buy Our 5-Way Air Solenoid Valve?

CONVENIENT: This solenoid valve can easily control the airflow for many types of pneumatic systems. It has a working pressure ranging from 25 to 116 PSI and comes with matching fittings that can directly connect to your ¼” or 6mm tube for an effortless operation.

EFFICIENT: It's driven automatically by compressed air and using the valve; you can manually control it to deal with situations where the automatic drivers aren't solving the problem. It also has an inlet port with a 0.04mm filter screen, which can filter any dust and impurities.

QUALITY DESIGN: The valve is made of high-quality aluminum and contains a high concentricity seal with a rubber pad that has a lubricating oil, ensuring no leaks and strong sealing performance. Each of its threads is finely processed and has a 5-way 2 position, making it an ideal valve to help control the airflow of your pneumatic equipment. 


  • Please pay attention to whether the use environment meets the product requirements (such as pressure range, temperature range, voltage, etc.).
  • The A/B is the vent port, P is the intake port, and R/S is the exhaust port. 
  • Please pay attention to excessive force and control position errors caused by mistakes.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Just to be clear, does it latch in both positions? 

A: Yes, it holds its position in open or close. 

Q: Does this require a 25 PSI minimum to work?

A: Yes