4-Liter Countertop Water Distiller

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Efficiently make distilled water at home! 💧💯

4-Liter Countertop Water Distiller

“I’m surprised with this! This water distiller is easy to use and portable. We have hard water at home and we use this to make distilled water. Very effective.- Jackie Andrews

4-Liter Countertop Water Distiller

How Can This Distill Effectively? 👌

✅  EFFICIENT: This Water Distiller has a capacity of 4 liters, and can effectively remove impurities in water and produce 0.25 gallons per hour or 6 gallons of distilled/purified water per day. It also comes with a TDS Digital Water Tester, to test if the water is completely purified.

4-Liter Countertop Water Distiller

✅  SIMPLE AND COMPACT: It features a stainless steel interior, ventilation holes, two simple on and off buttons, a portable handle, and an anti-skid rubber base.


✅  SAFE TO USE: It has high-temperature-resistant wires that can prevent short circuits, and it automatically switches off when the temperature exceeds 300ºF, for overheating protection.


4-Liter Countertop Water Distiller

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does this distill/purify water? 

A: The distiller heats the water to a boiling point, which lets the water evaporate, leaving behind impurities and toxins. The water vapor will then condense back to liquid form, which will then become distilled/purified water.

Q: Does the activated charcoal filter need to be replaced?

A: Yes, the charcoal filter needs to be replaced at least after 3 months of use, as it collects toxins from water. If you are doing distillation every day, you can replace the filter once a month.

Q: How often do I need to clean the distiller?

A: Typically, it should be after 1-4 weeks, but you should clean your water distiller when you start to notice a build-up of contaminants, to also prevent rusting.

Q: Will the water smell bad the first time I use the distiller?


  • The water distilled for the first time may become turbid and may smell/taste bad due to the internal cleaning of the machine. Water will be clean when using the distiller for the second time.
  • Optionally, you can use an activated charcoal sachet/filter to improve the smell/taste of water during distillation. When using the filter, soak it in water first to remove the black dust before inserting it into the distiller.
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