4-6 Inch Flexible Aluminum Foil Duct

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Size: 4 inches 8 feet
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How Does This Help Air Flow? 🌬️👌

“I tried using this with my grow tent and it was easy to install because it’s flexible and adjustable. I’ve been using it for months now and it works just fine. Great product!” - John Davis

✅ FLEXIBLE: It has a folded length of 4.5 inches and can be extended up to 8 feet. It's also easy to cut to adjust to the desired length and it's easy to bend, for hassle-free installation in tight spaces.

✅ SAFE DURABILITY: It is made from high-quality flame-retardant aluminum and a built-in corrosion-resistant wire helix for reinforcement and lasting performance. It can take up to 185°F and features interlocking steel strips to form an airtight and leakproof system.

✅ VERSATILE: It can be used for dryer room vents, air conditioning and heater ducting, and grow room ventilation.


📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it need to be insulated?

A: If the duct is in a heated space such as a basement or inside of a house, it doesn’t need to be insulated. 

Q: Can I use it for my clothes dryer?

A: Yes. The duct can be used for dryers, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation; so it can also be used for a clothes dryer. Just make sure that your dryer vent hole is 4 inches to 6 inches.

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