4-Inch Dryer Dock

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4 inch Dryer Dock

“I've installed many of these and have found them to be the most reliable connector device available. This is the product for you if you're like me and want a simple disconnect for cleaning around the back of the dryer and a proper flange where the vent line passes through the wall (rather than just a hole through the wall).”
- Bryce Smith

Comparison using a 4 inch dryer dock versus without the dryer dock it might causes fire in ventilation if you leave your dryer vent hose

How efficient will this dryer dock be?

Quick-Connect by Dryer Dock:  This is the simplest way to connect your dryer's vent to your house vent. This one-of-a-kind solution is simple to install, looks fantastic once installed, saves room behind the dryer, and is simple to maintain with a 6" flange, it fits 4" tubes.

Reliable: The rigid design holds the hose firmly in place, prevents air drafts, insect intrusion, saves energy, and reduces wear and tear on both the dryer and the clothing. 

Convenient: The Dryer Dock is a two-piece "Quick Release System" that allows easy removal and cleaning of your dryer vent hose and vent pipe. Maintaining a clean dryer vent saves energy and avoids dryer fires.

🧾Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I use the dry hose adapter?

A: The dryer hose connects to the dryer hose adapter in the same way it connects to the vent shaft. A clamp, tie-wrap, or adhesive may be used to secure the dryer hose to the dryer hose adapter.

Q: How do I use the vent pipe adapter?

A: The vent pipe protrudes two or more inches from the floor, wall, or ceiling in most of the dryer vent installations. The Dryer Dock vent pipe adapter is flush with the floor, wall, or ceiling when installed. This necessitates cutting the vent pipe flush with the surface. The vent pipe adapter is inserted into the vent pipe, and the flange is fastened to the surface with the proper fasteners.

Q: How do I use the quick connect feature?

A: The dryer hose adapter and the vent pipe adapter are connected with a slight twist after they've been assembled. The dryer hose adapter is kept in place by three "fingers" on the vent pipe adapter.

Q: What are the dimensions of the ducts fitted for this? 

A: It fits with 4-inch diameter ductwork. Reduces and eliminates the issues that come with traditional dryer hose connections.

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