4-in-1 Golf Accessory Tool

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All of your golfing needs in one tool!🏌💯

4-in-1 Golf Accessory Tool

“This tool is a game-changer! I use it as a hanger for my wedge, and it can also be used as a cigar holder. A versatile tool every golfer should have.”

- Humphrey G.



4-in-1 Golf Accessory Tool


✅   MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: This Golf Accessory Tool has 4 different functions. You can use it as a Cigar Caddy, Club Caddy, Putter/Club Holder, or a Divot Tool.

4-in-1 Golf Accessory Tool
  • You can use it as a Cigar Caddy, to keep your cigar in place. 
  • It can function as a Club Caddy, to keep your club off the ground.
  • It features a Putter/Club Holder. Clip it on your golf bag or slide it on your belt buckle and clip your club into the holder for easy access.
  • It also works as a Divot Tool, for easy fixing of pitch marks or divots.



Used as a club holder
Great for cigar lovers
Used as a club/wedge holder

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I use the divot tool?

A: 1. Simply insert the divot tool to the ground.

  1. Using the divot tool, push the turf from the edge of the dent towards the center. (Do not lift the turf up as this may break roots and kill the grass.)
  2. Repeat around the edge of the dent.
  3. Then, you’re done!




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