4-Head Dimmable UV Grow Light

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How does this Help you Plant Indoors? 💡🌱🏠

“It really does its job! I can just put my plants anywhere inside the house and the grow light keeps them alive and healthy. This is a great buy! - Charlotte Miller


✅ Timing setting: You can set the lighting time to 3, 9, or 12 hours, depending on your plant’s needs. It can be set to turn on or off automatically.

✅ Adjustable: You can adjust the head of the lights to optimal distance and lighting direction or as needed. The 4-head adjustable feature can help you distribute light easily to your plants. It also has nine (9) brightness modes, so you can adjust the intensity of the light.

✅ Easy to use: It has a powerful stand that you can use to place the light on any compatible surface. The stand provides a very strong base and won't collapse for a long period of time. It also supports dual-control by push button & remote control and has 50,000+ hours of a lifetime on the bulbs


📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use the light to grow vegetables indoors?

A: Yes. The grow light is versatile so it can be used to grow any type of plant - including greens like tomatoes, herbs, chili, etc. Just make sure to adjust the light settings to the needed or required light of the vegetable you are growing.

Q: Should I use it as soon as I plant the seeds or should I wait for them to sprout?

A: It depends on what you are planting. Some seeds require light to sprout and some don’t. 

Q: Is it okay if I keep the light too close to the plant?

A: It is advisable to maintain a distance of 1.7 to 3.4 feet between the light and the plant. You can also light your plant twice a day, with each session lasting for 6 hours, for optimal plant growth.




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