3D Printer Tool Kit

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Essential Tools You Need 👌

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“Awesome kit! It has everything I need for my 3D printer! Good quality of materials and this kit does help a lot in improving my print! Definitely, a must-have when you own a 3d printer!”
- Jack Gardner

How Efficient Are These? 🧐

Convenient: This 3D Printer Tool Kit includes all of the necessary tools for removing, cleaning, and finishing printed crafts and will suit all of your DIY needs. 

3D Printer Tool Kit
3D Printer Tool Kit
3D Printer Tool Kit

Versatile: It comes with 42 different tools that are ideal for 3D printing professionals, hobbyists, and makers. Toys, cars, robots, cartoons, and other crafts are made using these tools.

3D Printer Tool Kit
3D Printer Tool Kit

Compact: The entire tool kit is handy and packed into a convenient zipper bag, making it easy to carry.

 📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the purpose of these tools?

3D Printer Tool Kit
  • 14 pcs Replacement Blades- Excess debris from printing can be easily removed with this tool. Blades of various shapes, comfortable steel handles, good hardness and toughness, a safe-lock storage system, and convenient blade storage.

  • 1 pc Removed Scraper- Ideal for removing prints from the printer bed. It has a strong steel construction, rust resistance, wooden handle, and a user-friendly design

  • 2 pcs Plier- Removes, replaces, and installs the extruder nozzle with ease. Made of Chrome Vanadium Steel.

  • 1pc Electronic Digital Caliper - The ideal tool for determining the exterior and inside diameters, as well as the depth of an object or filament. Large LCD Screen, Plastic Body, Accurate Measurements, 0-6 inch/150mm Vernier

  • 1pc Cutting Mat- Protect your knife and workbench. Smooth Surface, High Precision, Made of High-Density PVC, Durable and Reusable

  • 1pcs-NB1100 Deburring Tool- Ideal for deburring aluminum, copper, plastic, PVC, and other materials. Made of ABS, rotates 360 degrees and removes burrs.

  • 6pcs-BS1010 Deburring Blades- Deburrs residual burrs in plastic, glass, metal, resin, and other materials. The angle is 40 degrees, and the diameter is 32 millimeters.

  • 3 pcs Cleaning Brushes Set- Brushes that sweep away extra filament from the extruder nozzle or print bed are ideal for cleaning.

  • 1pc glue stick- Excellent adhesion, easy to apply to the printer bed, non-toxic, safe, clean, and washable

  • 10 pcs Cleaning Needles- Made of stainless steel which consists of 5-pcs 0.35mm and 5-pcs 0.4mm Printing Needles. Ideal for cleaning the nozzles of 3D printers

  • 1 pc Handy Zipper Bag- Conveniently store and carry your tools here

3D Printer Tool Kit Specifications

📦Product Inclusions:

  • 42 PCS x 3D Printer Tool Kit[1pcs-Knife Clean Up Kit (13 blades with 1 handle), 1pcs- Removed Scarper, 1pcs-Flat File, 2pcs-Pliers, 1pcs-Electronic Digital Caliper, 1pcs-Cutting Mat, 1pcs-NB1100 Deburring Tool Handle, 6pcs-BS1010 Deburring Blades, 3pcs-Mini Cleaning Brushes, 1pcs-Glue Stick, 10pcs- Cleaning Needles, 1pcs- Zipper Bag ]


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