3-In-1 Power Socket Panel

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Style: Dual QC3.0 USB Port Panel
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Solve Any Of Your Charging Problems With No Hassle!

I was very, very pleased with the high quality of this product. It has high-quality rubber caps, proper gauge wire, and nice matching mounting screws. I built a small portable box with this panel that has jumpers to attach to a car battery for charging devices. I highly recommend it!” - Janice S.

Why Buy Our 3-In-1 Power Socket Panel?

CONVENIENT: This power socket will solve any of your charging problems. Designed with Smart IC and fast charging technology, it comes with two 18W QC3.0 USB ports and a 12-volt socket for the first variant, while the other variant comes with one 36W type C, an 18W QC 3.0 USB port, and a 12-volt socket for convenient charging. It's also up to 4x faster than traditional chargers.

VERSATILE: Its real-time LED voltmeter can display 6 to 24V and remind you whether the voltage is at a normal level to ensure safety. The total output voltage is up to 120W for 12V and 250W for 24V, meeting all your charging requirements. Suitable for all 12V-24V cars, buses, RVs, ATVs, Trucks, trailers, boats, marines, and more.

HIGH QUALITY: The power socket is made of ABS and aluminum material with a dustproof cover, making it durable, heat-resistant, and wear-resistant. It also has an independent ON/OFF switch that prevents draining any power and provides intelligent protection, such as over-load, over-heat, over-voltage, under-voltage, and short-circuit protection. 


  • You can change the place of the USB port and 12-volt socket to meet your need, and you can also replace it with other charger sockets.
  • Max Power: When installed in a 12V device, the maximum output is 120W; when installed in a 24V device, the maximum output is 250W.
  • The voltage can ONLY be displayed when connecting the car charger to power and switching on the button.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the included fuse adequate for running this straight to the battery in my Jeep?

A: Yes, it is suitable for almost all 12-24V boats, vehicles, ATVs, RVs, marine, etc.

Q: Do standard 12V plugs used in the USA fit in the power port?

A: Yes, the standard 12v plugs used in the USA fit in the power port.

Q: If I need to add an extra length of wire to this outlet, what gauge of wire should I use?

A: If you want to extend the wire, please kindly check the following information.

  • Red wire: UL1015 16AWG
  • Black wire: UL1015 18AWG


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