3-In-1 Power Air Line Hose

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Size: 12 Ft.
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Say Goodbye To Twisted & Tangled Air Lines!

"Nice hoses and cord. This kit was a great buy and included the handles and the hanger clamp you’ll need. I saved a lot of money by buying them here and putting them on myself. This 3-in-1 is the way to go!- Dylan E.

Why Buy Our 3-In-1 Power Air Line Hose?

✅EASY TO INSTALL: The air line hose bundle is an ideal replacement for your old, rusted, and tangled air lines. It comes with a hanging clamp for easy installation and to keep the rear of the tractor/trailer neat and organized. It has two 3/8" air brake line hoses with 1/2" swivel fittings at the end and color-coded handles. The swivel fittings allow for a quick installation preventing kinks, and easy gladhand connection.

✅RELIABLE: This universal-fit air line hose bundle is a convenient and durable solution to ensure your equipment runs smoothly on the road. It properly delivers compressed air with superior performance, even in cold weather. The 7-way electrical cord is reinforced to handle any high-pressure environment and ensures the normal use of lights such as turn signals and brake lights while driving.

✅HIGH-QUALITY: A beveled edge spiral wrap combines all components into one bundle for easy management and a cleaner appearance. The all-in-one design prevents air hoses from snagging during turns, tangling, and being damaged by abrasion and impact. Suitable for semi-trucks, trailers, and tractors. 


  • Rubber air brake line meets or exceeds SAE J1402 A hose requirements. 
  • ABS power cable meets or exceeds SAE J2394 4/12 2/101/8 -65°C/-85°F requirements.
  • Electrical 7-way plugs meet or exceed SAE J560 requirements.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this fit a 2016 Cascadia?

A: Yes

Q: What size should be good, 12ft or 15ft?

A: It depends on the tractor or trailer you use, as there are many possibilities. The key is to have a good motion range while all lines suspend properly.


  • Size Variants: 12ft and 15ft
  • Color: Green ABS & Black Air Hoses with Red/Blue Grips
  • Material: Rubber Air Lines & ABS Cable
  • Safety Rating: DOT Certified
  • Cross Reference (12Ft): 30-2151; 451097; OTR6814; 169127, PE13000
  • Cross Reference (15Ft): 30-2171; 451098; OTR6818; 169157, PE13050
  • Item Weight: 12.12 pounds (12ft) and ‎14.1 pounds (15ft)
  • Product Dimensions: ‎18 x 18 x 4 inches

Package Inclusion: 

  • 1x 3-in-1 Power Air Line Hose


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