3.9mm Wireless Otoscope Camera with Ear Wax Removal Kit

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Level up your ear cleaning experience! 👂✨

3.9mm Wireless Otoscope Camera with Ear Wax Removal Kit

“Nothing but praise for this product. The camera is clear enough to see what’s inside your ears and I like that the product includes 8 ear spoons. It’s really helpful to clean up my ears by myself. I also tried using it to check my teeth and it also worked great.” - Claire Moffatt

Why is This The Best Otoscope Camera? 💯

✅  HIGH RESOLUTION: This Otoscope Camera features 1080P HD resolution lens, and 6 LED lights around the tip for clear videos and images.

1080P HD Lens

✅  SAFE TO USE: It has a super-thin lens with only 3.9mm in diameter, much thinner than other 4.3mm/5mm lenses, making it fit safely in an ear canal. It also features an Eardrum Approach Warning, where it detects if the probe is too close to the eardrums.

Eardrum Approach Warning

✅  WATERPROOF: The probe of the otoscope has an IP67 waterproof feature, allowing it to be used in wet areas and making it washable with water.


✅  MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: It can also be used for checking on mouth, nose, scalp, etc., and can also be used for pets.


✅  COMPLETE KIT: The package includes 8 ear spoons, a phone holder,  a portable storage box, and a USB cable.

Phone holder

⚠️  NOTE: The otoscope may get hot after long usage. Please be extra careful and constantly check on the temperature when using, especially on children or pets.

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this require an internet connection to work? 

A: No, the otoscope itself will serve as a Wifi connection. You just need to connect your phone/tablet to the wifi of the otoscope, then download the compatible application to see the video on your phone and take the images or recordings.

Q: Is this compatible with any phone?

A: The otoscope is compatible with smartphones or tablets with Android or iOS systems.

Q: Can this be used to clean my pet’s ears? 

A: Yes, it can also be used for pets. 

Q: Is this rechargeable?

A: Yes, this is rechargeable. The package also includes a USB cable.

Product dimensions and specifications

⚠️  NOTE: Please refer to the manual included in the package for the specific instructions on how to use the Otoscope Camera with your smartphone / tablet.

Package inclusions


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