3-4 Inch Round Duct Vent Cap

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"This is a well-built, low profile exhaust vent that was easy to install. I first saw this unit installed by none other than Tom Silva on an episode of Ask This Old House and I used his step by step instructions to install mine. Couldn't be happier with the results." - Randy Jacobs

How Does This Cover Your Vents? 🌬️🏘️

✅ Multipurpose:  This Roof cap is for use with range hoods and bath ventilation fans to maximize the air and sound performance of your fan or range hood.

✅ Durable: Natural aluminum finish for durability and long life that stands up to the elements, wind, water, and UV resistance!

✅ Easy To Install: The roof cap is designed to fit with a 3" or 4" round duct to provide a simple, flexible installation. Includes a built-in, backdraft damper and bird screen to provide a dependable roof cap you can rely on

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How is it different from other roof vent caps?

A: This Roof Vent Cap is smaller than what is normally used for roof vents, so it is much easier to install. The vent cap also has its own built-in backdraft damper and a bird screen.

Q: Can the roof vent be used as a dryer vent?

A: The roof vent is intended to be used for ventilation fans but it is possible to use it as a dryer vent -- you just need to remove the bird screen to use it as a dryer vent, to prevent having lint build-up. But using it as a dryer vent is not recommended.


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