24V Cordless Automatic Drain Auger

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How does this Drain Your Problems? 💦🏡

"This worked perfectly for what I needed it for. Cleaned out my shower drain within minutes. Easy to use, definitely worth the purchase for any homeowner."

- Lisa McKelly

 FlexibleBreaks up blockages and unclogs plumbing between 0.75” – 2” in diameter. The 25-ft long cable reaches downpipes to clear blockages up to 20 feet down and works with a variable speed trigger 0 to 560 rpm to quickly and efficiently dislodge clogs.

 Easy To UseFaster and easier than traditional manual augers, the onboard drum neatly coils the 0.25” wide x 25’ cable. A Built-in drain plug prevents water build-up in the drum and the convenient LED light is perfect for brightening uptight or dark spaces.

✅ Compact: Lightweight at just 7.6 lbs! Compact, portable design + cordless convenience – perfect anywhere power is at a premium, without having to pay for expensive plumbing services!

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this be used for toilets?

A: Yes it can. Simply extend coil about a foot, then push in the toilet, then push power and it goes from there.

Q: Why should I use a drain snake instead of a plunger? 

A: Drain snakes are way efficient than a plunger; also, it is less expensive than calling a professional plumber. Without a drain snake, it may take hours to clean the clogged toilet or bathtub.

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