2-in-1 LED Magnifying Floor Lamp

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Light Up and Zoom In! 💡🔎

How Does This Make Your Tasks Clearer? 📖💎💄

✅ Powerful: The lamp is equipped with 5'' real glass with a 2.25x magnification, providing you with a clear and broad view. You won’t feel dizzy or get any distorted views during use! Great for various tasks, such as medical treatment, beauty treatment, welding, painting, handcraft, and more. It’s great for the elderly or even people with vision problems!

✅ Bright: Features a Built-in Dimmable Energy-saving LED Lamp and a touch switch, which can not only provide sufficient brightness, and gives a color temperature range of output  6000-7000. Easily adjustable and perfect for dark corners, and tight spaces!

✅ Adjustable: It has Three Rotating Joints, and The Flexible Rotating Arm greatly expands the lighting range and can help you light up any place you need. The Adjustable Bracket can fix the lamp without swinging left and right and without falling or shaking, you can even Clamp it on any flat kitchen surface!

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How powerful is the light output for this?

A: The lamp can output a 6000-7000 color range that is easily adjustable.

Q: Can I fit this onto a desk?

A: Yes! The lamp arm can be removed and clamped easily onto the edge of any flat surface desk.

📦 Package Inclusions:

🕵️ 1 x 2-in-1 LED Magnifying Floor Lamp

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