2-in-1 Indoor Heater And Humidifier

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"Super fast heating from this. Happy that I replaced my old heater with it. A real 2 for 1 Bargain!" - Randy Tyler

How does this Heat You Up? ♨️🏠

✅ 2-in-1: The Digital Heater and a built-in Cool Mist Humidifier keep you hot and hydrated. Both the Humidifier and Heater can be used independently or together. Lightly touch the mode buttons to choose the heat, humidifier, or both.

✅ Fast: With the PTC ceramic heating technology, this space heater only takes 3s to heat the surrounding cold air, providing you instant warmth. This portable heater adopts an independent water-tank to separate the humidifying system and heating system, giving you absolute safety!

✅ Space-saving: Only 5.2x5.5x9.8in & 2.8lb, put it on your desk or in a little corner. The Smooth white appearance merges into the surroundings easily. You can use it in the office, study, and bedroom. Giving you comfortable moisture and warmth in the cold winter.

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can the Heater and Humidifier be used at the same time?

A: Yes! You can use both at the same time but you can also use them separately with different working time lengths for the Humidifier and Heater.

Q: How much does the water tank contain?

A: The Humidifier water tank can contain 6.76 ounces of water.

📦 Package Inclusions:

♨️ 1 x 2-in-1 Indoor Heater And Humidifier

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