19-in-1 Heavy Duty Steam Cleaner

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Clean with Steam Like Never Before! ♨️💨

🌟 How Does This Blow Off Steam? 🌟

✅ Effective Clean: This Steam Cleaner uses up to 226 °F hot-pressure steam to deeply clean and sanitize without the use of harmful chemicals. The 4.0 bar work pressure can be used to eliminate grease, grime, stains, and mold from a wide range of floor surfaces, windows, machines, air conditioners and more!

✅ Flexible: Equipped with 19 different accessories; Tension Tubes, Mop Head, Brass Utility Brushes, Scrub Pad, Steam Jet Nozzle, Squeegee, Triangle Brush, Measuring cup, Nylon Utility Brushes, Microfiber Pad, Water Funnel and Carpet, this product can be used both indoors and outdoors. You can use it for cleaning, sanitizing, sterilizing, odor elimination and mite removal almost everywhere! From inside your home, your garage, garden and even your car!

✅ Comfortable Use: The rolling caster, two wheels and a comfortable handle, it's easy to move and lift! The High sensitivity temperature control system and overheating cut-out system protects the safety of your house. This is equipped with an extra-long 16ft power cord and 2 alternative extension steam tubes.

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What surface is this meant to be used on?
A: This is meant to be used on solid surfaces like wood floors, tiled surfaces, concrete surfaces, glass surfaces, metal surfaces, carpets and clothing. It's perfect for steam cleaning inside the home, in your garage, garden and outdoor areas and even your car!

Q: What temperature does the steam come out?
A: The steam comes out at a very hot 215℉ and builds up to 226℉!

Q: How much PSI does this put out and how long can this be used continuously
This puts out 58 PSI and the steam can be used continuously for up to 45 minutes!


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