18 Inch Toilet Aid with Cover

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Long & Easy to Use Personal Wiping Aid

Very helpful! I recently had surgery on my arms and I know that I can't move freely especially doing simple tasks like before. My wife bought me this to help me in the bathroom. This toileting aid has a strong grip on the toilet paper and easily releases the soiled paper once you're done.” - Bennet K.

Why Buy Our 18 Inch Toilet Aid with Cover?

Efficient: It helps you to keep things clean and sanitary, especially for people with a limited range of motion, the elderly, obese, and people recovering from surgery.

Convenient: The toilet aid's soft rubberized jaws keep toilet tissue in place for self-wiping, and the 18" ergonomic handle can be used from the front or back, depending on your need or condition.

Comfortable: It is ergonomically designed to assist you in the toilet. It has a comfortable handle grip and comes with a hygienic cover that snaps over the tip to keep things clean and sanitary.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to use this?


  • Lock the tissue with the easy squeeze trigger.
  • Make sure to place the tissue between the two halves so most tissue sticks out
  • Then the toilet aid’s tip holds and keeps the tissue in place.
  • Simply push the release trigger to release the tissue.
  • Once you’re done, use the hygienic cover to keep things clean and sanitary once you store it.

Q: Can a pregnant woman use this?

A: Anyone who needs help in toileting and cleaning can use this, especially seniors, pregnant women, people with limited mobility, those recovering from surgery, and even people with back problems.


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