17 Keys Kalimba

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🎶What is Kalimba? And why do we need it?🎶

Kalimba is recognized as a healing musical instrument. It is from Africa. Also, it is a percussion instrument that is also known as a thumb piano. It is good for children to develop their hidden musical talent and for adults who simply love music.

Reasons to love KALIMBA:

💝Easy to Play

💝Great sound and melody

💝Portable Design

💝Made from high-quality materials

💝Play anywhere, anytime

Without any music background or lesson, you can play it easily. You can even study it thoroughly in under an hour. That's how easy and beginner friendly the KALIMBA is.

It is a good choice for removing stress and just plain listening to music. You can bring it anywhere and play it easily.

AND, don’t worry. You can learn it on your own because it comes with a learning book wherein you can see a range of an easily playable piece of music.


🌈Easy to learn.

🎶Definitely, a must buy if you are a music lover.

🎁Great gift for parents, kids, and friends.

💕But most of all, it is a great gift for yourself.

🎵🎼Tuning and setting up your Kalimba🎼🎵

Step 1: Get a tuner, app or a real one.

You can use a real tuner or download any tuner app from playstore or appstore. Examples are: gStrings, Instuner.

Step 2. Tune with Hammer

Making tunes longer to lower their pitch, and making them shorter to make their pitch higher.

Note: Our Kalimbas are already tuned when we ship it so no need to tune it.


Material: Mahogany wood and Carbon Steel for the keys

Dimension: 18.5 X 13.5 X 3.2CM

17 Keys Kalimba
Instruction Book
Learning Book
Tune Hammer
Tune Stickers
Cleaning Cloth
Cloth Bag

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