12V Smart Diesel Heater

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Enjoy A Warm Winter Wherever You Are!

“It works amazingly have not had any issues with it all winter and it runs 24/7 during the week and keeps a 60in bunk and cab at 65 degrees on low once the area is heated up. installation wasn't too bad overall. Great product and I highly recommend it!” - Dale W.

Why Buy Our 12V Smart Diesel Heater?

VERSATILE: You can remotely preheat and defrost your vehicle in advance without leaving your home by simply using the app via Bluetooth. It can easily be mounted on either side at a 90° tilt, meaning it can be fixed to walls and inside the vehicle. Perfect for all kinds of trucks, campers, caravans, trailers, and more.

POWERFUL: The heater has a heating capacity that is adjustable from 3,400 to 17,000 BTUs, ensuring quick heating and capable of meeting different heat requirements for various space sizes. Its remote control and LCD monitor provide quick and intuitive operation. It also has a timer function that lets you set the start-up and shut-down time, useful for unoccupied vehicles.

EFFICIENT: Equipped with an automatic altitude compensation system, maintaining a perfect temperature at any altitude without intervention. Its combustion chamber and base are made of aluminum, which makes the heater dissipate heat fast and uniformly.


  • SWITCH OFF the heater before refueling.
  • DO NOT cut off electric power during operation.
  • DO NOT use the heater in closed and/or unventilated places.
  • DO NOT start the heater with a cigarette lighter.
  • Place the exhaust outlet outside to prevent the ingress of exhaust fumes.
  • Seal all gaps between the mounting plate and the car body.
  • KEEP AWAY from fuel tanks, compression tanks, fire extinguishers, clothes, and other flammable objects.
  • This heater uses diesel only. 
  • It uses an average of 0.16-0.48 liters of diesel and 36 watts of power per hour, keeping you warm for longer periods.
  • It has advanced protection mechanisms against overheating and hazards.
  • In plateau mode, the heater can work at altitudes of up to 16,000 feet.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this run on a battery that is lower than 11V?

A: No, the voltage should be over 12V.

Q: How long is the remote cord? Also, does this vent exhaust out of the bottom or rear of the unit?

A: The wire for the LCD controller is around 120-130cm, and the vent exhaust out of the bottom.


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