12V Fuel Transfer Pump Kit

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The Solution For A Quick Fuel Transfer!

"The Fuel Transfer Pump Kit is easy and quick to install. It is heavy-duty and well-built for a pump. I have used this pump around my property to refuel my tractors, dune buggies, generators, etc. It installs best on a 55 Gallon gas drum and is affordable. I highly recommend the purchase of this product without hesitation. I’m very satisfied with it!” - Brandon R.

Why Buy Our 12V Fuel Transfer Pump Kit?

✅POWERFUL: This powerful 180W 12V pump can rapidly dispense fluids at a flow rate of up to 15GPM/57LPM for short or long distances. Its nozzle has a rapid pressure rating of 300PSI and is capable of transferring fuel in quick succession. It also has a 14ft long anti-static discharge hose with a ¾” hose fitting that has strain relieving springs on the hose ends for easy operation.     

✅RELIABLE: The kit comes with a self-priming 22A rotary vane with a bypass valve electric motor that provides a constant flow fix speed at 2,400RPM, regardless of changes in pressure. It is also equipped with thermal protection that will automatically stop the device, which makes fuel transfer more reliable and safe. 

✅SAFE: Its housing is made of aluminum and built with a safe mechanical seal structure for durable and long-lasting use. It is also designed as a class 1 division explosion-proof pump that allows you to mount it on tanks or barrels to dispense flammable fluids such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and mineral spirits.


  • The transfer pump is not suited for fluids containing water or aircraft applications. 
  • Use PTFE tape on ALL pipe threads when assembling.
  • Recommended duty cycle: 30 minutes intervals
    • Each 30 minutes cycle should always be followed by a 30-minute power-off cooling phase for the best performance.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use this transfer pump to remove gasoline from a Plastic 55 gal drum?

A: Yes 

Q: How much height does this add to a 55-gallon drum? 

A: The suction tube is 2pcs extensible pipe. It could be adjusted from 26” to 36” in length. 

Q: Can I use this to absorb chlorine?

A: No, this pump can't be used to absorb chlorine.


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