12 Inch Fabric Ladder Cargo Holder

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"Sturdy and convenient. Keeps all my tools in one place. What more could I need?" - Dave Rockafort

How Does This Carry Your Ladder? 🏠😌

✅ Sturdy: Made of ballistic nylon and steel this Cargo Holder is designed for long hours of work and rough use.

✅ Multipurpose: Sturdy tool pouch attaches to the ladder to keep tools at hand along with the slots and pouches to keep your supplies organized.

📝 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this fit any ladder?

A: Yes! This is universally designed to fit any ladder size and ladder type.

Q: How large are the handles?

A:  The metal handles extend out from the tool bag 1.750" and they extend down approx. 2.500"



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