13-inch Monitor and TV Top Shelf (Set of 2)

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A Compact Shelf for Monitors and TVs! 🖥👌

Maximum load of 4.4 pounds
I love these! I use this on my monitor to put my action figurines on and it makes my workspace more fun. And, there’s no need for drilling when installing this!”
- Jacob White
Not using a Monitor and TV Top Shelf VS using a Monitor and TV Top Shelf


  • This shelf is easy to install -- requires no drilling, hardware, or tools! Its simple press-to-fasten design with an easy lock tab allows you to install or mount it on the back of your monitor or TV with ease.
  • It can hold a maximum load of 2 kg or 4 pounds -- so it’s perfect for having a neat compartment for your decor items, pictures, accessories, speakers, remotes, wifi router and cables, and many more. 
  • It has 3 anti-skid sticky gel pads that provide better stability for the shelf, and the gel pads are removable and reusable.
3 reusable sticky gel pads


  • Its 13 inch length won’t take up to much space and can serve as a compartment to keep your things organized -- and it only weighs around 1 pound!
  • It has an intact viewable area where it takes just 0.16” of your monitor or TV. It won’t block the viewable area.
Intact viewable area

    ✅   VERSATILE: It is compatible with all monitors and TVs with a thickness near the top bezel up to 2”.

    Supports most monitors/TVs


    📝  Frequently Asked Questions: 

    Q: How do I install this?

    A: Installing this shelf is simple:
    1. Set its legs to the angle or level that fits with your monitor or TV.

    1. Flip the lock tab or lever to lock the legs in place.
    2. Let it sit on the top of your monitor or TV.
    3. Then, you’re done!
    How to install the Monitor and TV Top Shelf

    Q: Is this removable? Does it cause any damage when removed?

    A: Yes, it is removable and it won’t cause any damage on your monitor or TV when removed. The sticky gel pads on the back of the shelf help prevent scratches and accidental dropping.

    Specifications of the Monitor and TV Top Shelf
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