Double Flaring Tool

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Easily Repair Your Brake Lines!

"Quality tool to have! So easy and quick to get brake lines flared correctly!" -Brad O.

Why Buy Our Double Flaring Tool?

✅EASY TO USE: Has a compact design that enables flaring on the vehicle in tight, under-car spaces. No need to go through the tedious process of removing your vehicle's brake line. The handle can also be removed from the brake flaring tool if you prefer to use it in a bench vise.

✅FUNCTIONAL: This creates a perfect inverted 45-Degree SAE double flare on 3/16-Inch steel and nickel-copper brake lines. 3/16-Inch brake lines are on virtually all cars and trucks making this flaring tool usable with most vehicles.


  • Not recommended for use on stainless steel tubing.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this be used on 1/4 brake tubing?

A: This is for 3/16" line only.

Q: Can you remove the handle?

A: Yes. The handle is removable.

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