Cabinet Jig Installation Kit

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Quick & Easy Installation

“I’m building a cabinet for my toddler! This made installing drawer sliders super simple! These jigs save a lot of time and trouble by centering and aligning all of the mounting parts.” - Jim T.

Why Buy Our Cabinet Jig Installation Kit?

✅EFFICIENT: This kit comes with three jigs and two clamps that will help you to easily install knobs and pulls, concealed hinges, and drawer slides accurately. 

Concealed Hinge Jig: It takes the guesswork of installing concealed hinges on cabinet doors. This easy-to-use jig ensures exact hinge alignment, allowing you to easily fit and install doors.

Cabinet Hardware Jig: This eliminates the need for guesswork when installing cabinet knobs and pulls. The movable edge guide and measuring scales make it simple to accurately position knobs, while adjustable drill guides ensure straight holes for precise knob and pull alignment.

Drawer Slide Jig: It takes the guesswork out of installing drawer slides. This simple jig holds slides in place while drilling mounting holes in the cabinet and supports drawer boxes while mounting slides to the drawer.

Classic 2-Inch Face Clamps: These are designed for perfectly flush joints, but they also work well for a variety of other shop and project applications that require strong clamping without marring. These clamps have big clamp pads that evenly distribute holding force and keep parts flush during assembly.

📝Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the concealed hinge jig compatible with any drill?

A: The Concealed Hinge Jig is compatible with a standard drill and the accompanying carbide-tipped bit. The Concealed Hinge Jig allows you to drill cup holes for concealed cabinet door hinges with just a drill. The jig precisely aligns and offsets an included carbide-tipped bit, and due to a depth stop collar, drills to the perfect depth every time.

Q: What types of slides is the drawer slide jig suitable with?

A: The Drawer Slide Jig works with ball-bearing, epoxy-coated, and under-mount slides to ensure precise alignment every time.


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