2-in-1 Car Tray

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Make your car rides productive and convenient! 🚗💯

2-in-1 Car Tray

“The perfect accessory to have for car owners! It can be used as a steering wheel tray and it can also be used as a back seat tray. Very convenient especially if you’re spending most of your time in your car!”

- Trisha Richards

2-in-1 Car Tray

How Can This Give Convenience? 🙌

✅  2-IN-1: This tray can be used as a steering wheel tray and a back seat tray, for comfort and convenience when on the driver’s seat, or the back seat.

2-in-1 Car Tray (Can be used as Steering Wheel Tray and Back Seat Tray)

✅  ADJUSTABLE: It has side knobs and a bottom knob for easier adjustment to desired height and angle. The tray can also be collapsed through the knobs, for a neat and organized storage.


✅  STURDY: This tray can take up to 17 pounds of weight. The package also includes straps that can be used to fasten the tray securely to the back seat.


✅  EASY INSTALLATION: It can easily be installed in any vehicle. It comes with hooks to use for the steering wheel and hooks to use for the back seat. Simply hook the tray to your steering wheel or headrest rod, then you’re done! 

Easy installation

📝  Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I install this?

A: Installation on back seat: 

Installation on back seat

Installation on steering wheel:

Simply switch to the steering wheel hooks, then do the same procedure as shown above.

Q: Can this hold heavy items?

A: The tray can hold items weighing up to 17 pounds.

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