Magnetic Welding Square Base Clamp

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Securely Holds Force On All Sides!

“Talk about a powerful little magnet. I purchased two to hold metal patches in place for welding. What I like most about the magnets, is the on and off switch! Most magnets collect metal particles that build up and gum up the magnetism. By turning the switch off, it releases all built-up debris. It is also great for positioning materials to be welded, and the strength is incredible. I wish I had bought these years ago.” - Edward P.

Why Buy Our Magnetic Welding Square Base Clamp?

VERSATILE: This square clamp has a strong magnet with a 150 lbs strong holding force that aligns and secures flat or round pieces of steel to fabricate angles. It is ideal for pulling corners, securing steel sheets for cutting, using it as a guide, or making your own fixtures.

CONVENIENT: It contains 5 magnets that grip any metal workpiece and provides a new level of fast and easy multiplane work holding when positioning steel. Also, it features a turn ON/OFF switch with pre-tapped holes for convenient and safe welding. Use it with tig, spot, stick torch, fiber, or arc welders. 

EASY TO CLEAN: The magnet stays clean, unlike traditional magnetic squares that hold onto metal chips even when turned off. This magnet automatically falls off any kind of debris or steel shavings once turned off, saving you time and effort in cleaning it.


  • Heat Warning: Avoid prolonged exposure to high heat. This magnet may demagnetize with temp. exceeding 185°F.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will this work for underwater welding?

A: Yes

Q: Does the magnet include a power supply?

A: No, this is a mechanical magnet, not an electromagnet. 

Q: Can you use this to remove filings from the milling machine?

A: Yes


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