Brass MAPP/Propane Torch Set

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High-Heat Torch For Your DIY Projects!

It works very well! I couldn't believe how hot it makes things. I had some stuck bolts, and it made them glow orange in no time where they could be removed. Way hotter than your standard propane torch. I like it so much that I use it almost every time I need to do any DIYs.” - Laurence A.

Why Buy Our Brass MAPP/Propane Torch Set?

CONVENIENT: The torch nozzle has a 60” hose, making it convenient to work even if you are far from the gas tank. It also features a gas knob to adjust the size of the flame and an air ring that can alter the air volume to change the style of the flame, perfect for any DIY project. 

VERSATILE: This torch nozzle produces high heat output that is great for soldering, brazing, woodworking, cooking, welding, heat treating, and more. It is suitable for 14 oz propane fuel cylinders and gas tanks whose bushing type is CGA 600 or a MAPP gas. 

HIGH QUALITY: It is made of high-strength brass that can withstand high-temperature pressure and regulate the flame for a safe and efficient operation. It also has a pressure-adjustable valve that can easily adjust the pressure for the torch to work in different environments.


  • For safety purposes: Always wear eye protection and safety gloves.
  • It doesn’t have an igniter.
  • It isn’t suitable for 20 lb. propane with an OPD valve.

📋Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does this create a pencil flame?

A: Yes, it can. 

Q: Does it work directly with the Coleman propane cylinder?

A: Yes


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