Automatic Garage Door Opener

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Now Is The Time To Modernize Your Garage Door!

Gone are the days of wondering if you put the door down or worrying over the kids forgetting their keys. This automatic garage door opener can help you manage activities and simplify your life.

Featuring built in WiFi and App control, this powerful device allows you to open, close, get real time alerts and know the status of your garage door anytime & anywhere! 

Why do you need an Automatic Garage Door Opener?

If you or a family member suffers from a medical condition or simply hasn’t got the strength to open or close a big heavy garage door, an Automatic Garage Door Opener will be worthwhile.

One of the main benefits of an automatic garage door opener is convenience.

Using a hands-free voice control, you won’t need strength or to get out of your car to open or close the door anymore.

It secure your safety from manually operating it. No garage door crashing down on something or somebody. You can also check and control your garage door anytime, anywhere via app.

This is highly advanced and technical but it consumes less energy. It doesn’t need a lot of power to work.

One more thing! You'll never miss package delivery anymore.

Save few minutes every day. What seems like an unnecessary luxury becomes invaluable if you use your garage a lot.

Why buy our Automatic Garage Door Opener?

Give your existing garage door opener an upgrade with this device!

This Automatic Garage Door Opener has smart technology and built-in WiFi.

It can be managed and operated via mobile app, which you can control remotely with one tap.

You can set schedules to open & close the door, and get notifications when it’s open or close.

It also supports voice control such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

You can even share access to your family or friends to operate it.

This is easy to install and compatible with most garage door opener models.

(See this link to check if your existing garage door opener is compatible with our product:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Will my existing remotes and wall mount still work?
Answer:  Yes, the existing remotes and wall mount will still work normally. The Wi-Fi smart garage door opener will work independently with the mobile application and Alexa/ Google Home.

Question: Can you set up multiple smartphones to monitor and operate this?
Answer: Yes, multiple smartphones can be used to control the smart garage opener. Simply install the Smartlife app on each smartphone. Each user needs to set up an account on their smartphone.

Question: Does this unit have WIFI and/or can it be accessed via Alexa/ Google Home?
Answer: Yes, This device is WIFI enabled with 2.4G network frequency. It can be added and control via Alexa/Google Assistant through the “Smart Life” or “Tuya Smart” application.

Question: Does it has notification when the door opened/closed?
Answer: Yes, it has a push notification on your mobile phone via application “Smart Life” or “Tuya Smart”.

Question: Does it work with battery or is it rechargeable?
Answer: No, This smart garage opener is not equipped with any battery, it does need to be plugged in to direct power to work.

Installation Guide:

How to connect/add device on mobile app?

  1. The garage door will be activated when added correctly (when the blue LED stops blinking), so keep the door closed first.
  2. Turn on the garage, and the red light and blue light flash as an alternative.
  3. Launch the "Smart Life" or "Tuya Smart" application. Touch the "+" icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Select the "all devices" type and then select the "Wi-Fi connector" type.
  5. Press "Confirm indicator flashes quickly"
  6. Enter the correct 2.4G Wi-Fi passwords. Then press Confirm.
  7. It will connect automatically with the device. Once the process is complete, you will be asked to change the device name. Enter a new name and press save.

    Product Specifications
    Voltage: AC90V-250V /50-60 Hz
    WiFi: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
    Application: Smart Life / Tuya Smart
    Voice control: Amazon Alexa Echo/Google Home
    Static power loss: <=0.3W
    Material: ABS
    Plug: US

    Package Inclusion

    1 x Automatic Garage Door Opener

    The convenience of being able to access your garage door opener from your mobile phone is a luxury for anyone who is constantly on the go and has their hands full. 

    This Automatic Garage Door Opener with smart technology gives you more control and makes managing your home easier. Feel more secure at home when you set times for your garage to close and receive alerts when the garage door opens and closes. 

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