Wall Climbing RC Car

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Why do you need the Wall Climbing RC Car?

The jump, they dip, they fly with speed… they are the nearest experience to being on the outskirts or tracks that’s why they are the coolest toys and collectibles in the world. They are none other than RC (Radio Control/ Remote Control) Cars!

As children, they are the most exciting thing we could ever wish for but sadly, fire dies as we grow old and realize that not all of us are fit for the race tracks, or afford being in one. So while some satisfy themselves as hobbyist collectors of RC cars, some unfortunately move on with the more accessible things.

But it’s not always too late to go back to that one thing that first showed us dream and passion. For people who want to start anew with RC cars, our Wall Climbing RC Car is a good entry level with easy controls yet advanced features that’s why it’s also a must-have for any hobbyist out there!

Why buy our Wall Climbing RC Car?

Well obviously, the name says it all! Our Wall Climbing RC Car has a dual mode which means it can race both on floors and walls. Yes honey, you read it right. It can climb walls without you paying extra for customization.

No more getting stuck while motor is still running when you want it to climb to a higher surface or turn a rough corner because it has a strong signal receiver, an enhanced simulated body, lifelike wheels and powerful suction motor fans for better command uptake and faster speed.

Release that build up excitement you’ve always had as a kid through the swift, agile swerves and motions of our Wall Climbing RC Car. It will never leave you hanging because every time it runs out of power, you just have to plug it through USB cable to charge. In as fast as 30 minutes, its batteries are recharged and boosted so you can resume your speedy quest!

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ):

  • Is this waterproof?
  • No. Running this on water will damage the batteries, the motor as well as the suction fan. Likewise, it is not applicable to use this near fires because it uses lithium battery that might explode due to too much heat.

  • Is this rechargeable?
  • Yes. It comes with usb cable for charging which you can connect to laptops or phone adapters.

  • Can it run or climb on smooth surfaces like glass?
  • Definitely! It is a multi-surface racer which can run on glass, (concrete) walls, floors and (wood) ceilings.

  • How can I save power when I’m not using the RC Car?
  • Our Wall Climbing RC Car comes with an on and off switch at the car’s rear so you can just click if off when it’s not in use.

  • What’s the maximum play time for this product?
  • You can use it for 7 to 9 minutes of continuous use but longer, of course, if not maxxed out or used in broken time.

  • Any other special features? Is it easy to use?
  • Definitely very easy to use! RC car comes with a control panel of easy functionality, and infrared control and bright LED lights for headlights and backlights to make playing more realistic. It also comes with instruction manual for reference.

    Young and old alike will surely get their blood rushing in excitement upon seeing what our RC Car can do- truly the best gift for all types of RC enthusiasts out there!

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