Easy-Twist Jar Opener

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Why do we need the Easy-Twist Jar Opener?

Jars. I know. You’re currently frowning and making a face because hello? who never experienced the struggle of opening a pickle jar or any jar for that matter?

You must be really proud about a trick or two you learned from your mom or grandma about pouring hot water, whacking with spoon or sliding a knife but while all these hacks are proven effective, it consumes a bit more time and may hurt you if you’re the clumsy type like me too.

Why give yourself a few more things to worry about (like your safety!) when you can effortlessly open the jar in one easy twist using our Easy-Twist Jar Opener?

Why “Our” Easy Twist Jar Opener?

Our Easy-Twist Jar Opener, unlike your ordinary opener, is designed to save space and is adjustable. It’s Gear design makes it suitable for caps and lids of varying sizes. It can open jars from three to 9.5 centimeters (3-9.5cm) and super durable and safe because it’s made of sturdy stainless steel material with anti-rust property. With its wave handle design and easy operation that saves energy, this is the perfect gift for your mom, grandma or grandpa, especially that this is also arthritis-friendly!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

  • Who should use the Easy-Twist Jar Opener?
  • Gender roles? Not this time. Everyone have struggles opening a jar and so this product is for everyone! Men and women- kids, parents to grandparents can save their time and energy using this.

  • How to use the Easy-Twist Jar Opener?
  • You can use this in three easy steps:

    1. Adjust the clamp to its maximum length by turning the handle in clockwise direction
    2. Hold down the jar opener on the lid and twist the handle in counter-clockwise direction until the teeth of the clamp grips tightly on the lid.
    3. Hold the jar steadily with one hand while twisting the handle in counterclockwise direction with the other hand until the lid goes off. You can then enjoy the product inside your jar.

  • Will the handle hurt my hands while twisting?
  • Definitely not! The handle is made with wave design for an easy, comfortable grip.

  • Is it safe for kids?
  • Yes. It has easy operation so as long as kids are instructed properly, they will be safe and sound.

  • Why is the anti-rust property of the material important?
  • Rust on the opener can be passed on to the metal lids of your jar and later on contaminate the food or condiments in it therefore we designed an opener that will not rust to keep you and your family’s health safe.

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