Father’s Day 2021: Top Practical Picks for Dad
Father's Day gift

The superhero of the family -- that’s what fathers are. From fixing everything at home, to spoiling us with whatever we want, to giving advice whenever we need it, a father’s “job description” is endless. But the most heart-warming thought is that even though their responsibilities require them to remove “taking a rest” out of their schedules, they still willingly and wholeheartedly do it because of their love for their families. 

Have you ever taken the time to thank your dad for everything he’s done for you? We may not be aware, but just a simple “thank you” and “I appreciate what you do” is so much more than a reward for a father. Taking into consideration everything a father has done for his family, it is undeniable that a father is someone who deserves all the applause and appreciation. 

Every year, people all over the world take a day to celebrate and appreciate all the hardworking and loving fathers, a day we call, “Father’s Day”.

Since Father’s Day is fast approaching, do you have something in mind that your dad would love to receive on that special day? Have you planned the perfect gift? Well, if you’re still in the process, we have just the right picks for the top practical gifts you can surprise your dad with this coming Father’s Day: 

1. 12-Step Multipurpose Ladder

12-Step Multipurpose Ladder

For handyman dads and dads who always do different kinds of construction and repairs, this multipurpose ladder can be the perfect practical gift for them. 

Call it the “Transformers” of ladders, this Multipurpose Ladder can be adjusted, folded, and extended to different shapes. To simply put it -- a ladder for all kinds of jobs. Trust us, your dad will surely love this! 

2. 2-in-1 Car Tray

2-in-1 Car Tray

If your dad is always on the go or always on the road, a 2-in-1 Car Tray is something he’d definitely like to be added to his car accessories. 

This car tray can be used as a steering wheel tray or a backseat tray -- so if your dad needs to have a quick snack break or work break when in the car, this tray can help him turn his car rides into a more productive and time-saving experience. 

3. Power Washer Spray Nozzle

Power Washer Spray Nozzle

This is for dads who always prefer to clean the car by themselves rather than bring the car to a car wash. We all know how much of a hassle it is to clean an undercarriage, and we may or may not have heard our dads complain about having back pain or being too tired after cleaning the car’s undercarriage.

Well, a Power Washer Spray Nozzle can be your dad’s newest best friend. This pressure washer attachment can make undercarriage cleaning easy-peasy for your dad. 

4. Push-up Rack Board

Push-up Rack Board

If your dad is one who likes to be physically fit but doesn't have time to do his daily workout or exercise, a Push-up Rack Board would be just the perfect gift for him.

This board can help your dad achieve being physically fit even without going to the gym or without a training instructor. It will guide him through 9 different positions targeting shoulders, triceps, chest, and back, letting him do the correct form of push-ups. 

Help your dad save the time and hassle of going to the gym, and surprise him with this board instead! 


These are just some of the useful and practical items that can be perfect gifts for this coming Father’s Day. But don’t stress yourself too much in finding the perfect gift -- no matter what it is, when it comes from you, we know your dad will greatly appreciate it.

Father's Day

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