Golf Club

Golf Club

On and off the course, it's important to look after your golf clubs. Golf clubs or irons are your precious investments. Golf clubs are considerably more expensive than most sports equipment. Protecting and maintaining this investment is entirely up to you. Proper maintenance and care will help your golf clubs to last for years.

Here are simple ways to take care of your golf clubs:

Properly Store Your ClubsGolf Club stored in a bag

Make sure your golf clubs or irons are kept indoors. Golf clubs must be kept indoors, in a dry, temperature-controlled room, whether they are being stored for a short or long period of time.
If the grip and club head are left in the trunk of your car or subjected to extreme heat, the glue that holds them in place loosens.

Dry Your Clubs FirstDrying of Golf Clubs

If you’re clubs are wet, don’t store them yet. Wet golf clubs cause rust to form on the shafts. To avoid this, make sure they're completely dry before storing them.

Make sure your golf clubs are clean and dry before returning them to your bag. Make sure the interior of the golf bag is dry until returning the clubs.

Golf Towel Is A MustGolf Towel

Golf Towel is a must have in every golfer.  You should keep a towel in their bag to wipe down their club head between shots. Before removing the head cover, make sure that the club head is dry and free of dirt.

Dirt and water that isn't properly cleaned from the head cover will rust the club. Giving your golf clubs a thorough cleaning after a round is always a good idea to keep them in good shape.

Use Head CoversGold Iron Cover Black

Head covers serves as a shield to protect and preserve the quality of your clubs and irons. The heads on your clubs and irons are more fragile and delicate than you think.
They are the parts most prone to damage, when you grab them out of the golf bag and shove them back in. Also, during the jostling that takes place in a car trunk or on the back of a golf cart. It is wise to take extra care on these and get head covers that can protect your clubs.

Clean Your Clubheads In Between PlaysGolf Club Cleaner

After a few rounds of golf, you must clean your clubs. Simply removes all dirt and debris from the inside groove of the club head's face. Everything you need for cleaning the clubs is a soft-bristled brush or a golf club cleaner , warm water, soap, and a towel to rinse them off.

Fill a bucket or sink halfway with warm water and apply washing liquid to clean golf clubs. Brush the golf clubs gently with a soft bristle brush, then dab dry with a towel. Never use boiling or hot water.

Soak irons in warm soapy water for 5-10 minutes to loosen any dirt on the club heads, then work the soft-bristled brush over the clubfaces before towel-drying the clubface and shaft.

Check and Clean Those Grips

Some tend to forget that your grips are important too. Keeping your grips clean will help them last longer by removing dirt, debris, sunscreen stains, and sweat.

Keep an eye out for signs of wear when washing your grips. Examine the grips for shiny areas, which suggest slickness, as well as worn or cracked areas.

These are all indicators that it's time to upgrade your grips. Good grips are essential for good golf because you must be able to hold onto the ball.

Since the grips are the one aspect of your golf clubs that will almost certainly need to be replaced at some point, making them last longer is a good thing.

Regularly Check the Shafts of Your ClubChecking regularly of golf shaft

Shafts can last a lifetime if used properly, but they can be destroyed if they are thumped around. Examine the shafts for dents, nicks, or breaks. If you notice either of these, it might be time to replace the shaft (shafts can last longer if used properly).

Maintained Golf Clubs

Golf club maintenance and care should not be a chore or a hassle; it should be a natural part of your game. These are valuable investments that you enjoy and use, so make sure they're in good shape at all times.

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