A simple story of how 2simple came to life

Hi there folks! I am Lola, and this is the story of how this simple store came to life.

My two fur babies, Blue and Max, are my constant joy and for a long time they have been the subject of all my artworks. They have been such a vital part of our family that yearly we celebrate their birthdays and invite over close friends and family to celebrate with us. In those occasions, I give out little souvenirs with their portraits, cartoons, and sketches which all of the people who received it loved my trinkets so much that most constantly request to have me render artworks for their pets too.

It’s because of the love and happiness I see in my friends’ and family’s eyes whenever they look at their pets that a thought came to me one night, “What if I bring together the two things I love - art and dogs- to spread more love and happiness for the parents and bestfriends of our fur buddies all around the world?”

This is where 2simple was conceived and created. I started doing cartoons of pets on phone cases, and eventually, on mugs and pillows because being a pet lover myself I know we can never get enough of our furballs. We would want to always be with them as much as we can and by putting them on certain belongings I know we’ll stay as close to them as possible especially in times when bringing them with us is physically impossible.

Moreover, having their faces and our best times with them captured and imprinted on our personal belongings gives us a way of honoring and appreciating their presence in our lives.

They make our lives fun and wonderful so I work on my own personal designs and strive to make it as fun and as wonderful so everyone will feel that investing on accessories that shows just how much they love their pets are very much worth it.

I hope I can bring more smiles and happiness by simply doing these little things like a simple cartoon version of your pets. This is my simple mission and vision, a world where we pet lovers and our fur friends can enjoy the same things as much as we can.

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