Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation
Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation
Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation
Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation
Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation
Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation
Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation
Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation
Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation

Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation

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Why do we need the Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation?

Foundations are there to act as ‘foundation’ for the layers of make up to come. It is the canvas where the contour, eye shadow, highlights, blush and etc…

But that is not just the purpose of a foundation. If you have a good quality foundation then it will do more than just be a foundation, it can act as a concealer and hide anything you want to hide in your skin.

You can hide your tattoos, your acne, your dark spots, your blemish, that wrinkle anything that you want to hide for certain occasions.

Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation got you covered. *pun intended*

The thing is if you have a long-lasting and flawless foundation like the Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation then you don’t have to worry about anything that might show or hinder your make-up skills.

Why buy our Whole Coverage Liquid Foundation?

Because trust me, you will never use other foundations again. You can never go wrong or go back with this foundation.

  • It definitely looks like real skin.
  • It is non-sticky and not heavy at all. So you will be comfortable wearing this.
  • What’s more, is that it does not wear off easily and does not run. It can last you more than a whole day.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Is this thick and will it cake?
    No, this may seem thick but it is not. It is actually lightweight and will not cake in your skin.
  • I have acne and scars, is this safe to use?
  • Yes, this was made primarily to hide acne and such. It is made with organic and safe ingredients. Your safety is at the foremost of our minds when it comes to it.
  • Does this work well with other make-up? Like highlights, eye-shadows and such?
    Of course, this is a versatile and very compatible foundation for any makeup that you might do. It will serve as a clean slate canvas for your other makeup products.
  • Does it come in different shades?
  • Yes, it comes in 10 variants, from light to deep shade. Shades are as follows (from light to dark):


  • Can this also be a makeup base?
  • Yes but if you want a really flawless finish and plans to wear full makeup on, it’s better to just use this with the rest such as primer, a true make up base and others especially that it has a buildable property and easy to blend. However, this can already used in place of a concealer as this alone can already hide the lines, marks and redness in the face.

  • Can I use this product in airbrush makeup?
  • Unfortunately, no. But a tip to make your skin look extra smooth, use your hands or a makeup sponge so you can control how much you put and you can blend it well.

  • Is this good for dry or sensitive skin?
  • Yes, firstly because it does not contain any ingredients harmful to skin and second because it does not dry out or make the skin oily. Still, it is recommended to put moisturizer for those with dry skin. It suits all types of skin.

    Package Includes:
    *a choice between 1pack, 2pack, and 3pack high-quality professional foundation

    I know that we have to spend a fortune to get that kind of foundation. But really we don’t have to spend thousands of bucks to achieve that level. A simple thing but surely guaranteed to help you like the Whole Coverage Foundation.

    Things like that should not be so hard to achieve. Flawless, spotless skin is now so achievable with our one of a kind foundation.