Posture Assistant Memory Foam

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Why do we need a Posture Assistant Memory Foam?

Sitting in a straight-back plastic or wooden chair might be good but for only a short period of time. Same with office chairs. The problem is prolonged sitting in straight back chairs will cause your back pain.

Our backs are not supposed to be straight. There is a certain curve to it that we should follow to make it comfortable for us to sit. So chairs should be made that way, and they did.

But not quite. They still got it wrong.

Thus, we advise that you use a Posture Assistant Memory Foam.

A cushion that will help your back and prevent further back pain. This will make your whole day in the office or in the car much more bearable and comfortable.

Why buy our Posture Assistant Memory Foam?

Because it will prevent the back pain that is certainly a hassle and major headache. We don’t need anymore inconvenience in our already hectic day. Aside from that, it will also help you maintain a good posture for sitting. It will certainly prevent any chance of you getting a hunched back or other back problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is it made of?
As the name suggests it is made primarily of memory foam which saves the position that your back prefers and feels comfortable with. This will make your sitting experience much easier because you don’t have to adjust it or what.

How big is this?
It is 13 inches by 13 inches big. It is also 4 inches thick. 

Can you wash this or clean the foam? 
Yes, you clean this but better have it dry cleaned. Or if you are going to wash it make it quick but thorough then hang it dry under the sun. 

If this is a memory foam then does this ever deflate? 
It will deflate according to the way you sit and shape of your back but given the time it will eventually go back to its original shape. 

Does the foam smells or does it get easily dirty or does it keep dirt? 
No, it will not. The foam is protected by a breathable mesh fabric that will prevent germs or dirt from meeting the foam. 

How does this stick or place in a chair?
There is a buckle along with the mesh fabric cover that you can use to keep the foam in place in your chair.

Package Includes:
*a choice between colors of black, blue, coffee, purple, gray, red rose, beige of Posture Assistant Memory Foam

Don't punish your back by sitting uncomfortably. Change your sitting habit and make it healthy with the help of Posture Assistant Memory Foam. 

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