Ponytail Beanie

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Color: Blue
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Why do we need Ponytail Beanie?

Well, if you ask me it is simply because it is pretty and so cozy to wear. Lazy hair day? Bad hair day? No problem. Ponytail Beanie can cove for your hair literally and you will look the chicest wearing it.

What more reasons do you need to wear it when you can rock the best hairdo and still feel chic and cozy?

Aside from it is irresistibly cute and we all know we can’t wait to try one, it is also a protection for your head. It is fashion with function.

Why buy ‘our’ ponytail beanie?

Our ponytail beanie is not just a simple beanie turned ponytail it is also SOFT KNIT and IN DIFFERENT COLORS. Plus we give you a chart, showing a range of styles where you can choose from for how to wear it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

  • Who should use Ponytail Beanie?
  • Because it is fashionably cute and comfortable. You can get style and comfort in just one simple headwear.

  • Can short hair wear this?
  • Yes, of course. Why not, right?

  • Are there sizes for this?
  • None, it is free size. It is stretchable so you don’t have to worry whether it will fit or not.

  • Is it washable?
  • Yes, it is. But do a handwash for this because this is a knitted beanie.

    You will never have to worry when it is a lazy hair day or bad hair day. Ponytail Beanie can do the styling for you!

    Be chic and comfortable with Ponytail Beanie!

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