Multi-ring Kickback Foot Strap

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Workout your glutes to perfection!

Glutes, butt, ass whatever you call it, it is the dream of every girl.

Achieving the perkiest and firmest butt you have to work hard for it. We can’t all be Kim K. Not every one of us has the capacity to hire a trainer and doctor to maintain our body. Just no.

What we can do is train ourselves to achieve the butt that we wanted. Good thing a Multi-ring Kickback Foot Strap is available to help you in your workout towards a round firm glutes.

It helps you exercise the right muscles and gives you the flexibility and convenience of glute workout with its multi-ring function. 

Why is a Multi-ring Kickback Foot Strap good?


  • HAS FOUR RINGS - The multiple rings attached on the strap can give you the flexibility and ability to do different glute and leg exercise. 
  • MADE OF NYLON - The strap is made from military grade nylon. It is nearly unbreakable and super durable.
  • COMES IN PAIRS - The package includes 2 strap for your left and right foot.
  • FITS TO ANY SHOE - The strap is adjustable so it can fit any shoe size.
  • SECURE AND COMFORTABLE - The strap is secure on the shoe. It is locked by a velcro tape so you can be sure that is well secured on your shoes. It is secure and tight yet comfortable and breathable to wear.


  • CAPABILITY TO EXERCISE DIFFERENT MUSCLES ON GLUTES AND LEGS - The different rings on the strap enables you to reach and exercise or workout the legs that you would not normally able to exercise.  
  • YOU DON'T HAVE TO SWITCH THE FOOT TO BE ABLE TO EXERCISE THE LEG - Because it comes in two, you don't have to remove the strap from the other foot and wear it on the other just so you can exercise the other leg. 
  • COMFORT WHILE WORKING OUT - Yes, there is a comfort in working out. Because sometimes when there are too much pain and inconvenience then you might be doing the wrong thing but with the Multi-ring Kickback Foot Strap you can exercise properly and efficiently. 
  • EFFICIENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY TARGETS YOUR GLUTES - Multi-ring Kickback Foot Strap is made to target the three muscles involved with your butt. With this, you can efficiently exercise without worry if you are doing it wrong or if this effective or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Is this really effective? Is this even trainer approved? 
Answer: Yes, this is trainer approved and gym owners approved even. This is actually recommended by trainers because this can target the other muscles not usually targeted doing the normal kickback exercise. 

Question: How do I wear this? 
Answer: Please refer to the short clip above. But for more detailed instruction, you just have to place it in the ground and step into it and start adjusting the strap according to the tightness you want. 

Question: Is this only applies when you are in the gym? 
Advisable and highly recommended in the gym but if you a personal kickback machine in your home then you can use it there as well! 

Package Includes:
*1 pair of Multi-ring kickback foot strap with a choice between gold and silver rings

Help yourself and your muscles by doing the right workout with Multi-ring Kickback Foot Strap. It does not just provide convenience but it works the muscles you didn't even know exists! 

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