Multi-charger Power Inverter

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Voltage: DC 12v to 220v AC
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Need to charge everything all at once while on-the go? Speak no more!

Why do you need a Multi-Charger Power Inverter?

You see we can all be advance and technological but when you are a busy person juggling between 2-3 smartphones, 1-2 tablets, and a laptop, sometimes a kindle too. You will not have enough space or charger to use with that many devices all at once.

A single simple charger won’t do the trick. It can’t handle all of that at once. What you need is a  multi-charger power adapter. All you need is multiple USB cable and you are good to go.

Why buy our Multi-Charger Power Inverter?

It can CHARGE DEVICES SIMULTANEOUSLY. You can charge multiple devices at the same time with the built-in four (4) USB ports.

Of course, you can CHARGE WHILE TRAVELLING. This power inverter is designed to be used to the vehicle’s lighter plug, you can charge your devices such as mobile phones, tablets, even your laptop while traveling.

You don’t need to worry because this is SAFE FOR YOUR DEVICES. The power inverter is built with 15A fuse to prevent overcharging, short circuit, over-voltage, over-load, over-current for the power inverter for the safety of your devices.

Last, but not least, NO OVERHEATING. The device is built with a smart cooling fan that works automatically when reach a certain temperature to prevent overheating of components of the power inverter that can damage the product and your devices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What is a power inverter?
Answer: The power inverter provides DC to AC conversion, built with two (2) AC outlets and four (4) USB charging ports for multi-purpose charging. This device is built with 200W powerful charging ability, made of high-quality ABS plastic, a portable power converter for your devices.

Question: How to know if the inverter is working?
Answer: The power inverter has a blue light indicator that shows if it is powered on and it is built with an intelligent digital display that will show the voltage of the battery when connected with the vehicle cigarette lighter plug. It will also show the current of the USB Ports when used for charging electronic devices such as mobile phones, tablet, camera, and others.

Question: Can I charge my phones and tablet simultaneously?
Answer: Designed with four (4) USB charging ports and with a built-in smart chip, this inverter can quickly and smartly charge 4 devices such as phones, tablets, cameras, and others at the same time with the total 6.2A output.

Question: How does it dissipate heat?
Answer: Built with a smart cooling fan for safety and efficient use of the power inverter. The smart cooling fan operates when the safety-fuselage reached 38°C temperature to prevent over-heating of the inverter for the safety of the power inverter and your devices.

Question: Is it safe to use for my devices?
Answer: Built-in 15A fuse in the car plug and a dedicated power switch for the AC outlet to protects the power adapter converter and your devices,  additional protection against overheating, under and over voltage charging, short-circuiting, overloads and overcharging.

Type A, D, E, K, C, F, I

5.91” x 3.03” x 1.34"

Package Includes:
1 x multi-charger power inverter 

Now you don’t need to worry about running out of charge because the Multi-Charger Power Inverter can hold all of them and more.

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